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Newmarket Announces Release of iPlan R6

Posted by Jay Lau on Nov 4, 2015 9:47:21 AM

The iPlan Interactive Floor Plans Platform (iPlan platform) is a cloud-based, mobile accessible meeting solution. It helps venues of all sizes drive more business and execute successful events through the interactive representation of room plans. Current modules of the iPlan platform include iPlan Website and iPlan Venue.

The latest installment of iPlan works to further improve employee productivity and expand solution capabilities. Key features and enhancements include:

  • Save As enables users to reuse existing room plans to any booking or event in iPlan
  • Grow fills an area with multiple objects simply by clicking and dragging a single object
  • Object properties have been enhanced to support adding color to text, grid lines, updating properties of multiple objects, and free form lines.



Figure 1: An example of Save As

Figure 2: An example of using Grow to fill space with chairs


Help planners envision meeting in your space with media and room plan creation components on your website.  Allow sales staff to create detailed diagrams anywhere they can access the internet quickly using Automatic Layout or leveraging the grow capabilities. Tie it all together by increasing communication internally by providing visual room plans to Banquet staff to enable them to complete set up faster and to Planner expectations.

For more information about iPlan Venue and/or iPlan Website, please contact your Newmarket Account Manager or send an email to

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