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Meeting Intelligence: What You Really Need to Know

Posted by Anna Ransom on Dec 1, 2015 2:42:03 PM
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Let’s get right to the point. Meeting Intelligence is a key solution that your organization needs. It’s not just my perspective, it’s what we repeatedly hear from our customers.  Here are some of the top things you need to know about Newmarket’s Meeting Intelligence solution:

  • Search_01.pngEasily target the top organizations in your market – identify where and when they are meeting.
  • Refine your search by property size, event size, market segement and so many more data points. Knowledge is power, but only if you know the facts that matter.
  • Increase group catering revenue by targeting the right groups based on their event types.
  • Identify key prospects when you by using up to 21 additional search filters as categorized by Smith Travel Research (STR).
  • Knowing the groups in your area is helpful. Knowing who planned those events is where the value is gained and highly increases the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts.
  • Wait? You AREN’T sure who’s meeting in your market? Or who might be an ideal candidate to return to your market? Our 22 years of historical data sure could help you make some strong business decisions.
  • Okay, Okay, you already know who your top accounts are and they’re always meeting at your property…. Are you sure?? You can be sure when you receive email alerts advising you when those groups are hosting events.

Since the function space at your property is one of your greatest assets and drives multiple revenue streams, winning more group business is key to maximizing occupancy and increasing group room nights. Could your team benefit from being able to effectively target their prospecting efforts and focus on closing more business?

PremiumView, Newmarket’s Meeting Intelligence solution is a great resource to help you get an understanding of your market. With our extensive industry knowledge and historical database you are sure to find valuable information to help you grow your business. Combine that with our team of seasons hospitality professionals and you’ve got a win-win support team on your side. Let us know how we can help you grow your business.

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