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How clean is your hotel room?

Posted by David Dajani on Sep 30, 2015 11:10:00 AM
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According to a survey by TNS, room cleanliness is one of the most important factors to vacationers, with 86 percent reporting cleanliness as a top criteria they look for when reading online hotel or vacation rentals reviews.

If you search the title “dirty room” on Trip Advisor in the United States alone, over 214,000 reviews pop-up with this title, with reviewer rating their hotel experience an average of 2 points out of 5!

Over 30% of guests report that they feel the need to clean their room or vacation rental upon arrival. It’s no secret that guestrooms that are highly occupied during the year require more attention than others because of the high demand, but how can a hotel track the use of these high-demand rooms? In a progressive maintenance program, hotels should employ a system that will notify them when a guestroom has been in high use and requires a deep cleaning.  This process will assure that guestrooms are appropriately cleaned for future guests. 

What program is your hotel using in order to maintain guestroom cleanliness and how are they managing it with high occupancy?

hotsos-recurranceHotSOS can integrate with most PMS to allow the housekeeping department to schedule a deep cleaning for their guestrooms based on occupied nights, vacant nights, or specific recurrences during the year. HotSOS can also schedule tailored deep cleaning for pet- friendly hotels.   

When it’s time for a specific guestroom to be deep cleaned, a work order is automatically created in HotSOS and dispatched to the designated team. Team members receive the work order on their devices in real-time and are dispatched to perform the deep cleaning. A team member will acknowledge the work-order and “start” the work on their device, and then follow the detailed, customized cleaning steps created in HotSOS to assure consistency. When the cleaning is complete, the work order is marked “complete” by the team member allowing HotSOS to automatically schedule that room for the next deep cleaning cycle. HotSOS can also link the schedule of deep cleaning with engineering schedules to be generated simultaneously, after initiation, or upon completion.


This process allows management to keep track of all guestrooms getting deep-cleaned on a set, consistent schedule instead of waiting for occupancy to drop and guessing which room to deep-clean next.  Importantly, HotSOS prevents unnecessary deep-cleaning of rooms that do not need it, guaranteeing that cleanliness efforts are directed to the rooms that require it, resulting in a better guest experience.

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