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Customer Conference Session Information Available!

Posted by Anna Ransom on Mar 25, 2016 12:44:08 PM
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Linq_SequinKingRoom.AltView.jpgPlanning for our annual Customer Conference is well under way. After an exciting visit to the LINQ Hotel & Casino last week and many conversations with our Training and Consulting teams, we wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the sessions that we're planning. More are on the way, but take a look at what we've got planned so far! 

To learn more about the event or to register online, please visit

2016 Customer Conference

We look forward to seeing you there!


 **Updated session information as of 4/20/2016.**

Session Title Session Description
Wrap up your Group Business with Delphi Packages 

Have you ever wondered if there is a different way to handle Package Bookings in Delphi?  Package functionality is available that can be enabled for your team.  This session is designed to provide you with an overview of the functionality and its benefits for your Sales and Catering users. 

Report Planning and Custom Reporting

Join us for this session to learn our tips and tricks for getting the most out of your reporting tools.  

Custom Reporting Workshop

Ever wanted to ask an expert questions about report writing? Join us for an open Q&A workshop on report writing.  This interactive session will allow you to share ideas and explore best practices with our resident reporting expert as well as other experienced report writers.

Bringing in the Business - Simplifying Lead Management

Let's talk lead management tips and tricks. Our experts will guide you on unique ways you can leverage the PremiumView and MeetingBroker Inboxes to help streamline your lead management efforts.  

From Trash to Treasure - How to put the shine back on your Delphi Database

Duplicate Data? Setup Values getting out of control?  This session will guide you on how to get your database squeaky clean.

Newmarket Support Presents: Top 10 most Frequently Asked Delphi Questions

Newmarket's Support department answers hundreds of your questions every week.  During this session, we will share a selection of those questions and their answers with you.  You may be surprised at what you will learn.

Preparing for the Journey - Delphi to Delphi.fdc Migrations

Thinking about moving from Delphi to Delphi.fdc?  Join us for an overview of the mechanics of moving to our newest product platform.

Delphi.fdc-PMS Integration - Bringing Two SystemsTtogether

Learn how Delphi.fdc-PMS integration can maximize your property's efficiency.  Integration will help eliminate time consuming dual entry between systems, and provide your team with access to the most up to date group pickup and availability details.

Getting the Most From Your PMS Integration

Following key best practices can help you get the most benefit from your PMS integration.  Learn some common challenges and how to avoid them!

Introduction to Salesforce - May the Force be With You!

If you are new to our products built on the Salesforce platform, or are thinking about moving to one, this session explains how our partnership works. What parts of core Salesforce functionality are we using? What did we build specifically for our hospitality users? See how we "use the force" with Delphi.fdc and Connex.

Advanced Delphi.fdc Sales Techniques - Boldly Go Where no Sales Manager has gone before

Delphi.fdc continues to introduce cool new features for selling that would even impress Captain Kirk! Make sure your Delphi.fdc team is making the most of these advanced capabilities and conquering the sales frontier.
* Multiple Guestroom Blocks
* Multi-Property Bookings
* Volume Contracts
* Inquiries
* Custom List Views

Delphi.fdc Packages - Put a Bow on Group Business

Released in 2015, the Delphi.fdc package features provide the means to wrap everything you need into one combined per-person price - guestrooms, events, and other income too! We'll show you how both day packages and guestroom packages are built by property admins and then used by the team in their bookings.

Marketing with Delphi.fdc - Reeling in More Business for Free

Did you know you have fantastic tools for marketing just waiting to be used in Delphi.fdc? Come learn all about them and start using them today.
* Email Blasts
* Letterheads
* Email Templates
* Managing Contacts for Better Marketing
* Pulling Account/Contact Lists

Delphi.fdc Custom Reports - Move Past the Basics

You learned the basics of the Salesforce report writer when Delphi.fdc was installed. Pump up your skills in this session where we'll show you how to add charts to your reports, use buckets, create a joined report, and work with dashboards. 

Salesforce Corporate Administration - Make Delphi.fdc Dreams Come True

The beauty of Salesforce is the ability to customize and build exactly what you need in your org. When you installed Delphi.fdc, the Newmarket Configuration team took your original ideas for the design and built it for you. This session will remind you of the features available in Setup to further customize your org and accommodate requests and suggestions from your users. Topics include creating fields, adding custom help text, and using workflows.

Delphi.fdc Advanced Merge

How many optional paragraphs do your users have to delete after they merge a contract? Wouldn't it be nice if they didn't have to spend so much time making edits? Become the hero of your team when you learn how to use tools like workflows, terms and conditions, and customized tables to make merging documents far more efficient.

Salesforce1 App - Come on Get "Appy"

Your team is constantly on the go, and now they can take Delphi.fdc with them. The Salesforce1 App for smart phones and tablets provides more features than you think, especially if you know the tricks we'll teach you in this session.

MeetingBroker and Delphi.fdc Integration - A Lead Management Love Story

MeetingBroker - the incredible lead machine - meets Delphi.fdc - the hottest sales & catering game around. When they get together, sparks fly! Receiving and responding to leads has never been faster or easier. Learn how the electronic RFP process has improved and the best practices for using this critical integration.

Winning Over the Next Generation of Meeting Planners

The Millennial generation is predicted to become the dominante generation of the workforce within the next ten years. In this session you will learn the characteristics of the Millennial Planner and what motivates them. Understand how iPlan Website and iPlan Venue can help transform your website and empower your team to work more effecitively with planners.

Helping Meeting Planners Choose Your Venue

Today’s Meeting Planner does extensive research before reaching out to a venue’s sales staff for the first time. Do you know what information Planners are looking for before they reach out to you? Learn best practices for showing your meeting space online as well as tools that can help you provide planners with the information they need to make an informed decision and keep you in the sales cycle.

Collaborate with the Meeting Planner to Create the Perfect Room Plan

The room plan is a critical component for the success of an event as it helps the palnner visualize their event in your space. Learn best practices for building a room plan as well as how to most effectively leverage diagramming solutions to improve collaboation with your planners.

Automating Hotel Operations with Proactive Change Management Approach 

Kristi Millhiser, Director of Learning and Development at Grand Wailea Maui, A Waldorf Astoria Resort will reveal her proactive change management approach to introduce HotSOS to over 1400 employees in the midst of $20 million dollar renovation. She will be sharing her multi-layer communication strategy that resulted in great engagement and support from staff and management alike.  

Technology Empowering Your Brand Promise

Jennifer Green, Product Director, Guest Service & In Room Technology at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts will be talking about how Service Optimization has helped her brand standardize operational procedures. This process allowed the brand to create a universal language of operational communication throughout every Hyatt property worldwide.

Starwood is Turning Heads in Savings with Style

Stefan Lorch, Director of Rooms & Sustainability, North America at Starwood Hotels & Resorts will be sharing quantitative and qualitative success stories from different Starwood Hotels and Resorts reaping the benefits of optimizing their Housekeeping operations. 

HotSOS Mild Designed for Selected Service Hotels

Ed Burke, Vice President, Rooms & Engineering at Interstate Hotels & Resorts explains how HotSOS Mild helps his group standardize preventative maintenance and create consistency amongst different hotel brands the company manages.  He will also share his deployment strategy to optimize over 200 hotel properties this year!  

Spicy or SoSuite - It’s time to Spice It Up With HotSOS Mobile!

The Service Optimization team will be demonstrating HotSOS Mobile’s features and functionalities live on stage in comparison with our legacy application SOSuite. This will benefit our existing clients going through the switch!

Get a First Look at the Newest Solutions for Meeting Planners

Learn about the two new solutions for Planners - DirectBook and PlannerPortal. Learn how these solutions will provide Planners with a new and better way to book, plan, manage, and execute their events including booking meetings online as well as improving event management. You'll even get to see it in action! 

Time to think differently about your company’s IT investments?

Today’s technologies open up a whole new way to think about your IT investments and Amadeus is translating this into a model which gives you a new way to consume business critical services for properties and brands like central reservations, property management and more. Starting from a premise of open cloud-based ecosystem components which share essential DNA, you will be able to subscribe to the services you need (only the services you need, when you need them), and get billed only for what you used. And because we’re open,  we can plug our solutions & services into your infrastructure when, where and how you want. Join this session to find out more.

Getting Started with Total Revenue Management: Meetings and Events


Discover how to get started with applying the principles of revenue management to your Function Space -- and take control of your meetings and events revenues. In this session you will learn how to establish a reporting baseline to improve and better visualize your meetings and events revenue performance. In addition,  you will explore the various places where your meetings and events data lives and how you can collect it in a systematic, cohesive way that will enable effective revenue analysis.

Advanced Topics in Meetings & Events Revenue Management

Discover how you can boost your meetings and events revenue (and your commission!) by applying performance-driven revenue management techniques. In this session, you will learn more about key forecasting input and considerations that form the foundation of your function space demand forecasting.  You will uncover how, by effectively managing your function space and incorporating demand based pricing, to introduce transformative and innovative revenue strategies.

 COLLABORATION – Turning the Event Dream into Reality

Chuck Coveleski, CEO and Scott Duty, President & CMO of Soluna Solutions will share best practices for how collaboration and the right technology can help Turn the Event Dream into Reality.  Uncover the Win-Win-Win with effective communication and technology.

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