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7 Undeniable Reasons to Attend Newmarket's Customer Conference 2016

Posted by Melanie Smith on Jan 26, 2016 9:30:00 AM
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Newmarket's annual Customer Conference will be hosted in Vegas in just a few short months, and if you haven't confirmed your registration yet, here are seven reasons why we'd love for you to join us this year... 

Redesigned Education SessionsConference.png

2016 is designed to place focus on your success, as both an individual and as an organization. Education sessions will be interactive, providing you the opportunity to draw as much information and as many new skills as possible. By the end of the week, you should be confident and inspired, and ready to apply what you have learned about the future of hospitality to your own organization and career. 


[Social] Networking

Redesigned education sessions will be conducive to open forum communication and discussion, allowing for ample opportunity to discuss with other attendees and guests, and collaborate with Newmarket and partner representatives at your leisure. 

The social atmosphere of the Customer Appreciation Event, AfterGlow, the cocktail party, and your night out, provides additional opportunities to meet some of the other guests. Even better - you'll be able to tie in your networking efforts to compete for a prize!

Check out this free infographic displaying what a typical attendee looks like, and see if we might be your people.



If you don't already know where we'll be located throughout the duration of the event, now's the chance to look it up! (P.S. we're hosting at The LINQ Hotel & Casino).

Centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip, your "night on the town" is bound to be a good time. Keep an eye out for our upcoming post on things to do and places to see on your night out!


It's all about YOU!

We care about your success, and we want to be sure you have the tools and resources you need to differentiate yourself and stay ahead of the game! This year we're all about YOU. 

Connected_travel.pngOpt-in to private consultations with a Newmarket representative who can focus on your specific needs, or participate in sessions designed to enhance your individual, property, and organizational success. We promise to offer tailored tips on how to keep your competitive edge in the market as the industry faces some groundbreaking changes... If you promise to provide feedback during tuned-in talks, via the mobile app, or through social media! 

We want to hear from you!


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Exclusive updates, presented by Newmarket Executives and industry experts, will define the future of hospitality technology and the industry as a whole. You'll take home energizing visions and refreshing insights on future hospitality industry trends, and actionable tips on how to effectively prepare yourself and your organization for what lays ahead. 


New Year, New Vision

We're about to enter a hospitality revolution, and it is clear from recent news that this change is occurring within our industry at a rapid pace. We are discovering new and improved ways to keep it "all about the people" while implementing advanced technology designed to enhance the guest experience as well as organizational operations.


Absolute ValueChart_01.png

At this year's event, Newmarket will help you comfortably adapt to the future of the hospitality industry by providing you the tools and key takeaways you'll need, and can bring back to your organization. Together, we'll approach the industry with a whole new vision for the future of hospitality, and the technology solutions that support your success.


We hope you'll join us in Vegas this May, and we're so excited to share these updates with you when you arrive! You can find more information on the customer conference at the link below. 


2016 Customer Conference


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