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July Recap

Posted by Eric Oppegaard on Jul 20, 2015 4:19:00 PM

Mandoon Estate Benefits from Delphi.fdc


“We were seeking a system that would accurately document all event correspondence and revenue from opening date onwards as well as track our enquiry methods. We wanted to capture client contact details to build our database,” said Ms. Caroline Brown, Event Sales & Marketing Manager at Mandoon Estate. “Delphi.fdc does so much more than that.”

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Placement Matters. Where do YOU rank?

AIP_Infographic_NewmarketDo you know the value of search ranking? A quick online search on the topic reveals the following:

  • The first ranked result receives over 35% of the traffic.
  • The top three ranked results receive nearly 60% of all traffic.
  • 94% of searchers clicked a result on the first page, with less than 6% clicking to the second page of results and selecting a link there.

These statistics considered, have you considered where your property is ranked in the Amadeus GDS? What would be the impact on your business with improved ranking?   Take a look at the value realized by properties that have enrolled in Amadeus Instant Preference. An indepented study reveals that on average, enrolled properties have grown their bookings, hotel nights and revenue. We created an infographic of the results, check it out!



Understanding guests to better meet their expectations

Whether for business or pleasure, we all have different reasons why we travel.

  • Do you search for peace and quiet or exciting adventures?
  • Would you prefer a pre-packaged experience or a custome trip catered to your desires?
  • Are you looking to be rewarded or to give back to your travel destination?

Have you seen the Traveller Tribes 2030 report which identifies traveller trends, habits, and behaviors into six distict tribes. Take a brief online quiz to identify your traveler tribe.  Additionally, download the full report to learn more about the tribes that are visiting your property.





5 hotel trends of 2015

  • Seamless technological integration
  • Personalization and cultural immersion experiences
  • Online booking
  • Focus on health and wellness
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship

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