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10 Strategies to Effectively Market Your Function Space

Posted by Anna Ransom on Oct 12, 2015 10:02:38 AM
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We are well in to the final quarter of 2015 and you are focused on attaining year end goals. At the same time, you are also building a plan to grow your business in 2016.  What are your options to generate new leads?

Establishing an online presence is critical when you consider that 57% of consumers will research a property and create a “short list” of options before they even reach out to you for additional information.  Make sure you offer them the option to submit their RFP directly through your website when doing their research.

With Newmarket’s MeetingBroker solution including the Web and Social Media Toolkit you can easily connect to a variety of online distribution channels, your website, and social media to ensure that you have a strong online presence and no incoming leads are missed. You also get the added benefit of automatically assigning these leads to the proper sales representative the minute they are received, ensuring prompt followup and streamlined business processes.

Consider the following 10 strategies to market your function space:

Get Found:

  1. Ensure your website is up-to-date and describes the services you offer. Remember that most consumers prefer video content over written text.
  2. Embrace social media. Establish a presence where your consumers are present. Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users with 968 million spending an average of 20+ minutes on the site daily.
  3. Use online distribution channels to engage with your preferred consumer demographic. Track the lead volume and profitability of each channel.

Make Information Accessible:

  1. When searching for information on your website, is it easy to find? Planners are looking for easy access to an overview of facility services, online diagrams, and capacity charts.
  2. Online virtual tours and interactive diagrams will differentiate you from your competition.
  3. Make it easy for Planners to request additional information. Provide an easily accessible online RFP form.
  4. Make your online RFP form mobile friendly with responsive design, and simple to complete. Don’t lose a prospective customer’s interest by complicating the process.

Follow Up Promptly

  1. 72% of first responders win the business. Implement a strategy to monitor all incoming leads.
  2. Integrating your online RFP form with your sales and catering system to ensure that no lead is missed and you can respond efficiently and promptly.
  3. If the dates requested in the RFP are not available at your property, propose an alternate offering. Could you accommodate adjacent dates? Do you have a sister property that could meet their need?

Next Steps

Some would tell you that online marketing is an art. I believe it’s a science. Building a plan, reviewing your results, and making adjustments regularly will ensure that your process is continually refined and improved. The advantage of having an online strategy is that you CAN measure results and track profitability.


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